Beginner Carpentry Pieces

If this is your first attempt at carpentry, you should not start with something too big. You won’t just be wasting precious resources, you might lose heart if you do not get it right. Here are some of the best options for people who are new to the world of woodworking.

1. Window Box: Window boxes are incredibly simple to build, so they are a good place to start. They are highly utilitarian in urban areas and in houses where space is an issue, so you will not regret making this.


2. Birdhouses: Birdhouses are easy to make and they are incredibly quaint, as well. There is something very old-school about making a birdhouse as a beginner. There are many kinds of birdhouses– you should start off with a simple one using lumber or any scraps you might have at home, and then make it more complicated, if you want to.

3. Simple tables: Tables can be complicated to build because you need to understand how the weight needs to be distributed. However, as a beginner, you should not have too much trouble making tables with x-legs. You can start off with small bed-side tables and later shift to dining or breakfast tables.

Once you’ve mastered these three objects, you will be able to move forward to building more complicated furniture.

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