Bookshelves for the Creative Mind

The days of boring old bookshelves are gone. I’ve been a voracious reader all my life- and so has my wife. We had a traditional old bookshelf for a very long time, till I came across an ingenious bookshelf idea that involved a bookend and a few screws. Since then, I’ve been passionate about bookshelves and the many unique ways in which they can be designed. Here are some of the easiest bookshelf ideas- you just need a rudimentary understanding of wood and screws in order to put these together.

1. My favourite ladder, as far as creativity is concerned, is the ladder one. You take two ladders and put them right next to each other. Now, screw on some wooden planks on to each step of the ladders, and voila- your stepladder bookshelf is ready!

2. You can use some wooden planks and industrial strength ropes and make a hanging bookshelf.

3. If you are looking for something wall mounted, you can use old drawers, or empty wine crates to make a bookshelf. Just mount them on the wall with the right support and store your books in them!

4. You could mount some wooden planks and make them into a bookshelf. To make them different- wallpaper each plank with a different design!



2 thoughts on “Bookshelves for the Creative Mind

  1. what kind of support did you use to attach the crates to a gypse wall and make sure it is safe and secure if e.g. want to place a few cooking books in them. Thanks


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