Winding down for Christmas…


Adirondack style rocking chairWell I made 7 more shadow boxes! Wife loved them so much she decided they were perfect presents for her, sorry our friends. Not really had time for very much else. Combine that with the weather and its not been a get and go sort of month. I have done quite a bit of internet searching though. Very impressed with some of the sites I have found. There is everything from simple plans to complicated courses; you can even watch what to do on YouTube. I found it all quite fascinating.  The wife has even introduced me to Pinterest and got me started with a board, been putting items I fancy making on it, mind you so is she. Already got a table and rocking chair on there! I quite fancy keeping it simple and plan to make January my bird table month so keeping an eye out for one that is unusual, not too complicated and functional. I also been thinking about doing some woodcarving, but that is not at the top of my list yet, although did find an interesting site that suggest starting with one tool, now that idea I like, not spending a fortune on tools I might not even use again is a good plan to me. Another site I want to mention is Lees wood projects, well explained and good plans but I especially like his safety page.

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