Master the Basic Techniques for Woodwork First

What I love about working with wood these days is that you don’t need the biceps like bygone foresters needed to work with wood. Anyone these days can use the modern power tools available to make anything from tiny shelves to complex furniture pieces. There are a few basic techniques to master, and it can be satisfying and economical to build even the simplest objects.
On the Internet you can actually find some excellent basic tutorials on woodwork which avoid all that inhibiting jargon and introduce useful techniques clearly and simply. They get you started with making simple items like a small wooden wine rack where the only tools you’ll need are a saw, a carpenter’s square, steel tape and a chisel.

Of course as you progress you move on too much more advanced stuff with special purpose-tools. Recently I made a stunning little shelf unit or spice rack, and after years of practice and using accurate machinery, there are pretty few imperfections. This is great for the kitchen and with the dimensions  the unit can be altered easily to make it suitable for holding books, bottles or tins.

All woodwork will need finishing if you want to prevent it from warping and becoming dirty, but that’s another topic altogether.

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