3 Secrets to Good Carpentry

Some basic carpentry skills

Carpentry is not about cutting and gluing wooden pieces together. It is an art and needs to be learned carefully.There are few basic things you need to learn to become a good carpenter.

  • Measuring – Right measurement is the soul of carpentry. The most important tool is not the saw, but the measuring tape and the pencil. If you learn to make right measurements  half the skill is learnt.The pencil helps to make markings, and you are on the way to become a great carpenter.Always measure twice to make sure you get them right. Right measurement saves extra work done due to wrong measurement.
  • Marking – Marking is another skill that you will learn in time. It is a fact that proper marking makes you cut better. Beginners make the mistake of marking a spot with a straight pencil mark. However the best way to mark is a “V” as it is the right way to mark if you are sawing after the cut. The other important tool in marking is the triangle tool. It is a right angle triangle which you can use to go straight while marking the other end of the wooden board before cutting.
  • Support the Board that is to be cutSagging while sawing is a major problem faced by beginners. The way to save on this is to give ample support to the board to be cut.

There is more tips for beginners coming in the next blog. See you soon!

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