There’s a Lot to Know about the Different Woods

Wood is so important for so many projects around the home. I love carpentry, and to do a job properly you have to know your different woods. Hardwoods are those that comes from those trees that shed their leaves like Oak and Beech for instance and the softwoods comes form coniferous trees such as Pines and Cedars. A carpenter has to know wood. You can’t just saw up any wood and use it. Wood also has a high moisture content and it needs to dry out before you use it. Wood is tricky because it can also distort during the drying process and there are techniques to avoid this too. Fortunately supplies have stepped in and made life easier for us carpenters and we can get kiln-dried lumber which cuts out a lot of problems.

wood carpentry

These days too, with our forests disappearing at alarming rates, you’ve got to be careful where you get your wood from too. As a carpenter and looking around for good priced wood, I have to be constantly doing research to make sure the wood comes from a sustainable source. Recognized, legit sources usually will have a stamp on indicating it comes from managed forests. So as you can see, there’s a lot to wood  such as knowing what to buy and where to buy so that you can make a piece of furniture thats going to look beautiful and last for a long time too.