Using the leftovers…

Using the leftovers

While making a dog house or installing a wooden floor board, much of the planks are left as scraps. Some are too small for any other use. So I will tell you some creative ways to use these scrap material.

  • Make a wooden doormat – Yes you can make a real classic wooden doormat from the leftover planks. It looks cool. Just cut lengths to 12 inches and drill holes in side. Use string to keep it together.
  • Tool to smoothen wallpaper – You can build a small tool to smoothen the wallpaper. Just cut a small plank and use foam board to make a handle. You can use this to smoothen the wallpaper removing any air bubbles.
  • Cover the ceiling – If the scrap is enough you can use it to cover the ceiling. It will give the vintage look and give weather protection also.
  • Make a classic frame for a desk photo – You can cut and size up a scrap wood plank to design a photo frame. You just need small pieces to work upon. Use another scrap wood plank to screw at the back to make a classic wooden photo frame.
  • make a soil hoe handle – You can make  hoe handle out of the scrap which can be used to level out soil in the garden.