Building my first pieces

So far, my attempts at carpentry have been going quite good. I haven’t managed to chop my fingers off (or others) and I have managed to challenge myself quite often. Last week, I completed my first challenge- I finished a table. It was a 5-square foot beauty that is not worth a lot, but it certainly means a lot to me. I initially planned on gifting it to a bunch of friends, but I certainly don’t think I have the heart to give it up now.

First table carpentry

Here are some of the things I’ve learnt in my attempt to build the table. First of all, I’m glad I invested in a good workbench. Secondly, it took a lot of time getting the joints and the legs right- but I did not want to build legs that were not absolutely perfect or would start wobbling after a while, so I am glad I spent a lot of time on those. Third, I’m glad this is a learning process as well, because I had no clue that temperature and moisture had an impact on the wood. I moved the table from the garage one night because I was sure the rain would damage it and the table measurements slightly changed when I was working on it at the house basement (this added to the extra working time as well).

But hey, that was an amazing experience and I’m thinking of tackling cabinets next. Or maybe another table. Just for practice.

Winter Weather…

Birdfeeder for the garden can be decorated in anyway you preferHad a lot of fun on these wet and snowy and cold days planning which bird house I would build, decided on two, one for us and one for the grandkids. As always the wife gets a say but we did both agree that this one suited us. I would do the putting together and she will do the decorating. Plan to involve the kids on how they want to do theirs – that will be a fun day!

One big downside of this month has been the weather, really too cold to be outside in my work shed and then to top it off the roof collapsed. Don’t know if it was wind, snow or age, our all three.woke up one morning to see it all caved in. isn/t it funny how you don’t notice things immediately if you not expecting it? There I was drinking my morning coffee absently looking out the window at the weather when realized something not quite right with the picture, took wife coming to look with me to point out my shed had no roof!!! Honestly maybe I deserve her comments of day dreamer.  So, onto the internet to suss out options. Eventually decided to get a complete new shed,  didn’t take much persuading  as really need one slightly bigger and wife wants something less of an eyesore. Decided on a 12 x 8 wooden shed with 4 windows for good lighting; going to have it delivered free and bought it in the sale. We also decided to pay extra and have the old one properly demolished and the new one installed along with electricity. All in all about £1000 give or take a few quid, As we didn’t want to miss out on the sale and this month cannot draw out of savings again we decided to go for a loan. Back to internet and friends and in the end went with No fuss, easy website and good terms, so quite excited now, hopefully if weather allows I will be in and making those bird feeders by next month.

Wooden shed that is modern, stylish and functionable

The one I wish I could have.

Wooden Shed for the garden with double doors and 4 windows

My new Shed

Winding down for Christmas…


Adirondack style rocking chairWell I made 7 more shadow boxes! Wife loved them so much she decided they were perfect presents for her, sorry our friends. Not really had time for very much else. Combine that with the weather and its not been a get and go sort of month. I have done quite a bit of internet searching though. Very impressed with some of the sites I have found. There is everything from simple plans to complicated courses; you can even watch what to do on YouTube. I found it all quite fascinating.  The wife has even introduced me to Pinterest and got me started with a board, been putting items I fancy making on it, mind you so is she. Already got a table and rocking chair on there! I quite fancy keeping it simple and plan to make January my bird table month so keeping an eye out for one that is unusual, not too complicated and functional. I also been thinking about doing some woodcarving, but that is not at the top of my list yet, although did find an interesting site that suggest starting with one tool, now that idea I like, not spending a fortune on tools I might not even use again is a good plan to me. Another site I want to mention is Lees wood projects, well explained and good plans but I especially like his safety page.

My ego takes a battering.


Building shadow boxes to hold  a variety of items

Shadow box containing family tree

Well had two projects on going this month. Priority no 1, the wife’s. Now my wife likes to wander the internet looking for inspiration and then expects me to come up with the finished result, plus her minor alterations. The newest project is shadow boxes, basically fancy shelves to hold her what nots. I had very clear instructions as to size, shape and decorating – oh yes I have to paint them as well as put them up in the correct place -something that can take hours. I learnt many years ago not to fix them in place at the first suggestion, but to let her try them in multiple places until the desired effect is achieved then I get my drill and wall plugs and fix them up. Oh yes forgot to say not only did I have to make them but I got a printed Martha Stewart ‘How to’ sheet. Seems I’m not to be trusted after the kite debacle.

Building kites the  2 skewer box kite

Oh yes the kite. My grandson asked for a kite, well that simple enough isn’t it? Apparently not because he wanted a 2-skewer box kite. I knew what I was doing, ha! As you can probably guess it was a complete and utter failure,  first off it was way too heavy and my  battered ego took second place to my grandsons disappointment. So taking the wife’s advice I searched the net and found an excellent site which clarified where I had gone wrong – wood to heavy being one. So I now have a happy grandson, an even happier wife cause she got to say, “ I told you so” and a much better appreciation for the uses of the internet.