5 Simple finishing Tricks

Finishing Touch

Finishing is  the difference between an ordinary piece and an amazing piece in Carpentry.You must be wondering how a particular person can finish better than others.It is not magic but some careful tricks which helps to finish a piece better.


  • Practice the work If you trying the work for the first time, the best way is to try it out on some scrap wood. It will enhance your skills and also you will make a great finished final piece.Practice makes a man perfect is it not?
  • Careful with Glue  – Glue is an essential for making a wooden article. However it can leave bad stains if you are not careful.Use the glue with care and avoid excess usage.
  • Always cut down –  The best results in cutting wood can be had when you are cutting down. There are less chances of mistakes as you can keep a continuous watch. This is the secret to straight cuts using the saw.
  • Use of nails When using nails try to be careful when binding the edges. The nails might cause a split in the frame. It will ruin your work. So be careful and use standard nails rather than one from the local shop.
  • Corner Handling – In all articles that you will make corners are a problem. Too blunt does not look good and too sharp can cause injuries. The best way is to use decorations to make the corners smooth.

If you follow these simple techniques the finishing will take a lift. Believe me I was most happy when I made my first well finished article a small chair.