My ego takes a battering.


Building shadow boxes to hold  a variety of items

Shadow box containing family tree

Well had two projects on going this month. Priority no 1, the wife’s. Now my wife likes to wander the internet looking for inspiration and then expects me to come up with the finished result, plus her minor alterations. The newest project is shadow boxes, basically fancy shelves to hold her what nots. I had very clear instructions as to size, shape and decorating – oh yes I have to paint them as well as put them up in the correct place -something that can take hours. I learnt many years ago not to fix them in place at the first suggestion, but to let her try them in multiple places until the desired effect is achieved then I get my drill and wall plugs and fix them up. Oh yes forgot to say not only did I have to make them but I got a printed Martha Stewart ‘How to’ sheet. Seems I’m not to be trusted after the kite debacle.

Building kites the  2 skewer box kite

Oh yes the kite. My grandson asked for a kite, well that simple enough isn’t it? Apparently not because he wanted a 2-skewer box kite. I knew what I was doing, ha! As you can probably guess it was a complete and utter failure,  first off it was way too heavy and my  battered ego took second place to my grandsons disappointment. So taking the wife’s advice I searched the net and found an excellent site which clarified where I had gone wrong – wood to heavy being one. So I now have a happy grandson, an even happier wife cause she got to say, “ I told you so” and a much better appreciation for the uses of the internet.